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VIDEO: Cows of the Desert: Camel Milk Set to Go Global

People in the United Arab Emirates have been drinking camels’ milk for centuries, but now there are plans to go global. Dubai’s plans to export camel milk products worldwide, using it for everything from cheese to ice cream. (April 1)

VIDEO: Tech News – Wacom, Dell, Apple, New York City

Wacom Cintiq 22HD vs. Modbook Pro: Screen Real Estate Takes On Portability For The Digital Artist. Report: Dell likely to receive more takeover bids. Vintage video of Apple’s Woz discovered in a basement. New York subway to get massive navigation

VIDEO: Environment News – Suntech Power, Starbucks Corp, NEW YORK

Chinese Solar Company’s Operating Unit Declares Bankruptcy. Starbucks buys first coffee farm, will research devastating leaf rust. Statue of Liberty to reopen by Independence Day Solar Energy, China, Bankruptcies, Economy of the United States, Exclaves, Coffea arabica, Economics of coffee,

VIDEO: New York City News – Samsung, Michael Bloomberg, Dennis Miloseski, Madonna

Samsung to unveil Smart TV at press event tomorrow in New York City. New York City mayor proposes bill requiring stores to hide tobacco. Samsung’s design chief defends Galaxy S 4?s plastic case. Madonna Wears Boy Scout Outfit, Slams Organization

VIDEO: Business News – NEW YORK, General Motors, Dean Metropoulos, HTC

Stocks waver after seven straight gainsGeneral Motors Mulls Ad Agency Shifts for Cadillac, ChevroletTwinkies due on shelves by summer as $410 million bid OK’dHTC One launch delayed until March 29th Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, AutosCMONetworkSalesandMarketingSales&MarketingadagencyholdingcompaniesAegisAlanBateyCadillacCadillacadagencyCadillacadvertisingCampbell-EwaldcaradawardscaradvertisingcarCMOschangesatGMadagenciesChevroletCMOChevrolet’sadagencyEffieawardsFallonGeneralMotorsadagenciesglobalCMOGMCMOInterimCMOInterpublicIPGJoelEwanickNewheadofCadillacOmnicomPublicisTimMahoney, Metropoulos&co., GMC, Technology, Dow Jones

VIDEO: New York News – Milton Tinglingwrites, Starbucks, Samsung Electronics Co., Intel

Judge strikes down NYC sugary-drinks size ruleStarbucks shrugs off N.Y. ban on big sugary drinksSamsung Trains Its Eye on the iPhoneStocks slip early Monday after record week Izze, Galaxy S IV, Diet soda, Non-alcoholic beverages, smartphones, Electronics, starbucks, Voices, Videotelephony,