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VIDEO: New York News – Milton Tinglingwrites, Starbucks, Samsung Electronics Co., Intel

Judge strikes down NYC sugary-drinks size ruleStarbucks shrugs off N.Y. ban on big sugary drinksSamsung Trains Its Eye on the iPhoneStocks slip early Monday after record week Izze, Galaxy S IV, Diet soda, Non-alcoholic beverages, smartphones, Electronics, starbucks, Voices, Videotelephony,

Vitamins May Shorten Your Life

You know how when you were a kid, your mother always told you to eat your vitamins so that you’d grow up to be big and strong?  Well, it turns out that she was wrong.  Not only that, eating vitamins

Five Overlooked Healthy Foods

It seems like everyone nowadays is trying to eat healthy, but it can be easy to overlook the lesser-known healthy foods.  Below is a list of five extremely healthy and often under-appreciated foods. 1.  Celery  Although long reviled for  being