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VIDEO: Business News – Ding Dongs, US Federal Reserve, NEW YORK, United States

Judge approves sales of Twinkies, Wonder Bread. Shilling: The Federal Reserve is Hurting Your Savings Account. Oil falls as traders eye US data, Europe concerns. U.S. Stock Futures Hold Gains Wonder Bread, FlowersFoods, Pricing, WonderBread, Futures contract, Bakeries, liquidation, Baker,

VIDEO: Business News – NEW YORK, General Motors, Dean Metropoulos, HTC

Stocks waver after seven straight gainsGeneral Motors Mulls Ad Agency Shifts for Cadillac, ChevroletTwinkies due on shelves by summer as $410 million bid OK’dHTC One launch delayed until March 29th Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, AutosCMONetworkSalesandMarketingSales&MarketingadagencyholdingcompaniesAegisAlanBateyCadillacCadillacadagencyCadillacadvertisingCampbell-EwaldcaradawardscaradvertisingcarCMOschangesatGMadagenciesChevroletCMOChevrolet’sadagencyEffieawardsFallonGeneralMotorsadagenciesglobalCMOGMCMOInterimCMOInterpublicIPGJoelEwanickNewheadofCadillacOmnicomPublicisTimMahoney, Metropoulos&co., GMC, Technology, Dow Jones