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Being Modern Doesn’t Mean Being Unhealthy

Today’s modern woman is busy. Unfortunately, being so busy doesn’t always allow for women to eat healthy. Instead of suffering through another bad diet or killing one’s self at the gym, there’s a far more elegant and savory solution. Who

Strawberries Can Help Protect Your Stomach Against Alcohol

Researchers have discovered that eating strawberries–or drinking them in the form of strawberry daiquiris–can help protect your stomach against damage due to the consumption of alcohol.  Strawberries, in addition to containing antioxidants, activate various  enzymes that help protect the body

Eating Fish Could Lessen Your Risk of Developing Dementia

It has long been know that eating fish conveys certain kinds of health benefits.  Researchers at Northwestern, under the direction of Head Researcher Dr Philippa Jackson, have recently discovered that consuming fish may increase blood flow to the brain, which

Food Day

October 24 is Food Day, a nationwide event aimed at, among other issues, pushing for reforms in diet, agriculture and farm worker rights.  The main focus of Food Day is to promote healthy and sustainable food growing practices and choices. 

The Most Dangerous Place to Leave Food in Your Refrigerator

The most dangerous place to leave food in your refrigerator, according to researchers, is the salad drawer.  In some cases, salad drawers can contain 750 times the level of bacteria considered to be safe.  In order to protect yourself and

Olive Oil and Virginity

Virginity has long been held to to be the standard for determining the quality of olive oil.  But, according to a study by the UC Davis Olive Center, 73% of the top five brands of imported extra-virgin olive oil did

Trying to Lose Weight? Stock up on the Protein!

Apparently, Atkins didn’t have it entirely wrong–eating too little protein makes people feel hungry and makes them more likely to eat fattening food.  Researchers estimate that eating more than the average amount of protein  can stop you from gaining 2

Too Much Vitamin E Increases the Risk of Prostate Cancer

A group of researchers led by Dr Eric Klein from the Cleveland Clinic in Chicago found that men who are ingesting overly large doses of vitamin E are 17% more likely to develop prostrate cancer, even years after they stopped

Vitamins May Shorten Your Life

You know how when you were a kid, your mother always told you to eat your vitamins so that you’d grow up to be big and strong?  Well, it turns out that she was wrong.  Not only that, eating vitamins

Five Overlooked Healthy Foods

It seems like everyone nowadays is trying to eat healthy, but it can be easy to overlook the lesser-known healthy foods.  Below is a list of five extremely healthy and often under-appreciated foods. 1.  Celery  Although long reviled for  being