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Buying and Cooking For a Crowd

Do you find yourself shying away from hosting a family gathering because you just don’t know how to plan and prepare for a crowd? It can be overwhelming when you sit down to make a grocery list and try to

Packaging Perks of Your Food

Think back to a few years ago….how did you ever open a package of shredded cheese before it had the ‘tear here’ slit? Or how did you ever get it sealed before the zip closure was provided? Just think how

Fresh vs Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Facts

Do you have a running debate in your house over which type of vegetables or fruit to buy? Someone likes canned corn best, someone wants frozen green beans while yet someone else will only eat fresh peas. There are lots

Try New Salad Greens and Veggies

Dinner time…again. The drudgery of thinking of another creative AND healthy meal for you or the family is almost enough to send you running to the car and the drive thru window. You simply cannot think of one more meal

Being Germ Free While Grocery Shopping

Being Germ Free While Grocery Shopping

With allergens polluting the air this time of year, being germ free while grocery shopping should be number one on your list. Going to the grocery store may seem harmless when it comes to coming in contact with bacteria, but

How to Prevent Overbuying and Wasting of Fresh Foods

Are you one of those shoppers that gets all geeked out over going to farmer’s market or heading down the fresh produce row? You load up on colorful berries, lots of salad greens, a few melons, some vegetables…maybe even some

Easter Recipe Ideas

Easter Recipe Ideas

Mouth Watering Ham-Buy a pre-cooked ham and pre-heat oven to 325 degrees. Slow cook, 20 minutes per pound. Place a loose tent of foil over your ham. Mix orange marmalade and brown sugar. Lather a light to medium layer of

Grocery Store End Cap Sales: Bargains or Scams?

Here’s the scenario: you are hurrying through the grocery store, finding some things to grab for your dinner that night, the kids’ lunches tomorrow and if you can be creative enough, something for dinner tomorrow so you aren’t running back

Trader Joe’s Knows!

The one grocery store that you can always count on to give you everything you need for a healthy lifestyle is Trader Joe’s.  Take a chance to grab these items at your local Trader Joe’s grocery store and start living!

Internet Grocery Shopping

Internet Grocery Shopping

Too busy to actually go to the store?  I feel that way, too.  Even if I am working from home and the store is right down the street I still can’t find time to do a shopping run.  If you