Getting Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

Girl Eating AppleGetting your children to eat their vegetables has long been the bane of parents everywhere.  Below are a list of tips about how to get your child to eat her vegetables.

1.  Make lasagna.  Slip a small amount of vegetables into the lasagna that you’re making for dinner tonight and–viola!–your child is eating vegetables in addition to the pasta, meat and yummy tomato sauce.

2.  Institute a no vegetables, no desert rule.

3.  Allow your child to pick what vegetables the family will be having for dinner.

4.  Apply lots and lots of butter.  Not necessarily the healthiest method for getting you kids to eat vegetables, but I still know adults who think that vegetables exist to serve as a vehicle for butter.

5.  Make a smoothie.  Who doesn’t love a tasty smoothie?  Use both fruit and vegetables (the fruit should at least partially hide the taste of the veggies), and allow your kids to help.  It’s the healthier alternative to making cookies.

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