How To Save Money on Groceries!

How To Save Money on Groceries!

With the rise and fall of gas prices and employment, saving a dime here and a dollar there has become a rule of thumb in many households. These days we are actually looking at price tags! Did you ever notice a difference in prices when shopping for specific grocery items. Often times grocery stores claim they are “slashing prices” and they post flashy yellow tickets under the alleged reduced items. A few days later, you see the same item at another grpcery store and it’s even cheaper than the store that claimed to reduce their price. Ah, grocery shopping frustration. There are ways to save money on groceries and get a bang for your buck. What does it all come down to? Planning!

Instead of making trips to the grocery store every three days, start planning out your meals in advance. This is a simple way to save money, get the most out of what you spend, and you will be surprised to see how much food you have!

  • Plan Your Meals-Pick a day where you have time to cook more than one meal. Cook meals that you refrigerate for a few days. Do not make foods that you know have the potential of turning soggy. Did you ever hear someone say, “the food is even better the next day”? Sunday’s are a great day to cook and prep your meals for the week. Start out with making two dinners for the family or yourself. Place your meals in storage containers. this will help you save money by eating your food rather than paying for take out (and it’s healthier!). Casseroles are perfect for planning ahead. If you do not have time or a day to set aside for cooking, try to plan your meals for the week. Asking yourself, “what should I make for dinner?” can easily persuade you into something quick, expensive, or fast food.
  • Buy More, Spend Less-On your next trip to the grocery store, buy food items that you can use with more than one meal. Chicken, for example, can be used for chicken sandwiches, salads, and the main course. Buy fruit and make a jumbo fruit salad that can last a few days. If you’re in the mood to snack, a fruit bowl is a great alternative than a trip to the fast food restaurant in your neighborhood. Be sure to check grocery items for coupons that are attached to the product. Many grocery items offer savings on your next trip. Nobody is too cool for coupons!
  • Grocery Shop Hopping-Be sure to shop at more than one grocery store. Standing in line and making the trip may seem inconvient, but unless you have a money tree in your back yard it is well worth it. Prices can differ wildy from store to store, so be sure to check the inserts in your mailbox or newspaper. Don’t forget to check your local drug stores. Many drug stores offer discounted groceries as a way to pull in customers. Compare prices and receipts on certain grocery items and then you will know where to save on your next trip!
  • Fresh Foods-Buy more fresh fruits and vegetables, along with occasional less costly cuts of fresh meat (if permitted by your diet preference). Often times fresh food is less expensive than processed food.

Remember don’t buy products just because you found a coupon, plan ahead, compare receipts, and take your time. It may be an adjustment to your schedule, but this doesn’t take an entire workday. Just an ┬áhour out of your week can save you more than you bargained for-pun intended!

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