Smart Shopper!

Smart Shopper!

If you have a good health insurance plan, chances are you can see a nutritionist within your “network”. Good insurance plans can cover our kids and partners for just about every specialist to stay healthy. If you do not have an insurance plan that covers a nutritionist but you wish you had one, you may be in luck!

Do you debate on what types of┬ácereals and breads to purchase because you’re not sure if “all natural” or “fortified” is better for you-or what those words even mean! There is now a new app called Fooducate on Itunes and Android. It’s like having a nutritionist on speed dial! Here is how it works:

  • Download the app, named Fooducate
  • Your smartphone has the capability of scanning more than 200,000 groceries
  • You will receive a letter grade for each product
  • The app will provide you with product highlights (For example: Is your bread made with whole grains? How much sugar is in your favorite yogurt?)
  • Counting calories? Eating healthy? The app provides healthier alternatives to the foods you normally buy!

This is a great app for nutrition, weight loss, and adding healthy choices to your regular diet!

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