Packaging Perks of Your Food

Think back to a few years ago….how did you ever open a package of shredded cheese before it had the ‘tear here’ slit? Or how did you ever get it sealed before the zip closure was provided? Just think how far packaging has come on the products we buy and use everyday and have come to take for granted.

Our kids might not know how to open a package of fruit snacks if it didn’t say tear here. Would they know to go and get the scissors and tear something open, like we used to do in the good ol’ days? Sure they would. But how much else do they have that is now much easier than we do?

Well, let’s start with safety. It’s much harder for someone to tamper with food because of all the foil, seals and wrappers a product comes in. Ketchup, salad dressing, condiments…they could have been easy targets to poison, just like the cyanide tampering happened with the Tylenol bottles in the early 1980s. Forgot about that, didn’t ya?

So, that tampering incident started off a new industry, basically. Sure, there were engineers to create boxes and packages, but nothing like now. Our food is safer, fresher, lasts longer and is stored in the most green way possible. Bags seal, air can breathe through produce, meat can be sealed and medicine can be kept safe. The packaging of today might cost a little bit more in the long run, but aren’t those safer and tastier benefits worth it?

Yes, it certainly is!

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