Remedies Used With Food

Did you know there are actually some fantastic home remedies used with food? We have food to entertain, indulge, feel better and stay healthy. Here are a few surprising home remedies that can be found right in your pantry! If you try any of these home remedies, be sure to come back and let us know in the reader’s comment section.


Ketchup: If you have brass or copper cookware that is tarnished, squeeze some ketchup on a rag and rub it in to the tarnished area. Within minutes you should see results. Rinse with lukewarm water.


Bottle of Ketchup


Tea:: Garden tools rusted? This spring and summer, try this trick before you buy new garden tools! Brew a few pots of strong black tea. Wait for it to cool and then pour it into a bucket or bowl. Soak the tools in the cooled tea for a 3-4 hours hours. Wear protective gloves and wipe with a rag. You will be surprised at how new your tools look after you soak them in black tea!



White Bread: If you have grime or dirt on an oil painting, take a chunk of white bread and dab it on to the painting. Keep dabbing until the bread starts to absorb the dirt. That should do the trick!



Club Soda: Shine up a dirty or scuffed up kitchen sink. First, dip a cloth in club soda and buff your sink. Wipe it dry with a clean cloth.


Can of Club Soda


Rice: Have you ever dropped your cell phone in water? Maybe you accidentally let your cell phone sit in the rain? Drop your phone in a bag of rice. The rice will absorb the water and wa-lah! Amazing, right?


Uncle Ben's Rice Logo


Oatmeal: If you work in construction, play sports in the dirt, garden, or have kids this trick is a perfect fix! Use oatmeal and a small amount of water and make a paste. Place the oatmeal mix on your hands and scrub away! This is excellent for removing tough dirt from your skin. Oatmeal is less harsh than some chemical soaps used t remove tough dirt.




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