Try New Salad Greens and Veggies

try new foodsDinner time…again. The drudgery of thinking of another creative AND healthy meal for you or the family is almost enough to send you running to the car and the drive thru window. You simply cannot think of one more meal that is different, interesting or appealing to your taste buds. Or can you?

Have you tried expanding your repertoire in the crisper drawer?

Lots of people get stuck in the routine of using the same salad greens…iceburg lettuce, romaine…maybe another kind. The popular veggies like tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and beans get dull even after awhile, so what else is there? Lots.

Salad greens:

Saltwort – a strong, tart flavored green.

Arugula – long greens that have a sweet flavor.

Sorrel – a tasty green with rounded leaves and a crisp texture.

Claytonia – a salad green that is very crispy, with heart shaped leaves.

Minutina – a green that looks like blades of grass. It has a mild flavor and a crunchy texture.

Add all of these different shades of greens will fluff up any old salad to give it a bang!


Kohlrabi – and round, green or purple bulb with stems and leaves growing upwards.

Turnip – another bulb vegetable, with light purple and white coloring. Mild flavor that can be added to other dishes to jazz them up.

Asparagus – dark green stalk with a mild, flavor. Can be steamed or even eaten raw.

Beet – this isn’t a sweet sugar beet, but a dark red, mild vegetable. Packed with great vitamins.

Of course, there is always different forms of squash, beans and peppers to try.

Get out of your rut and investigate, really investigate what is available in your produce section at the store or the local farmer’s market. Once you have a new vegetable or two, you can research online and find some recipes to use with it or even what type of pairing to go with it. Chicken, fish, beef, pasta…the choices are probably endless. You just need to take the time and do a bit of research…for your tastebuds.

The benefits of the vitamins will be well worth your time and effort. And your family will thank you for their good health as well!

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