Being Germ Free While Grocery Shopping

Being Germ Free While Grocery Shopping

With allergens polluting the air this time of year, being germ free while grocery shopping should be number one on your list. Going to the grocery store may seem harmless when it comes to coming in contact with bacteria, but what you find on a grocery cart may surprise you. Just look around at the number of people you see in a grocery store. Would you shake hand with them and then stick your hand in a cookie jar? Protect yourself and your family in being germ free when you hit the grocery stores. Here are a few fits on how to stay practically germ free while shopping in the grocery (or any) store:

  1. Invest in an anti-bacterial hand sanitizer like Purell or your pharmacy brand hand sanitizer. Be sure to use a drop on your hands and rub it in before shopping. There are also sanitizing sprays that are available.
  2. If you have your child, there are some grocery stores that have the mini cars attached to the grocery cart. Using an anti-bacterial wipe, be sure to wipe any area down where your child will be sitting or putting their hands.
  3. With a separate anti-bacterial wipe, clean the grocery cart handle for yourself (or whoever is pushing the cart)
  4. If the grocery store is offering free samples, be sure the food is wrapped in plastic and use that as your safeguard so your hands do not come in direct contact with the food.
  5. Do not allow your child to touch any food products, and if they reach for an item, be sure to give them another application of hand sanitizer.
  6. When checking out if receiving change or using an ATM machine at the check-out counter be sure to use another drop of anti-bacterial gel since many people have come in contact with money and the ATM machines being used.

This may seem a bit tedious, but again if you had a microscope and had the opportunity to see the amount of germs swimming around on the surface of a grocery cart you would  ot thin twice. It’s better to sanitized than sorry!

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  1. elaine newman, Texas says:

    I never thought about all of this good points…thanks for the info. I was browsing the net about rumors I heard about this and you confirmed it. Thanks again!

    • KendraLee says:

      Hey Elaine! Thanks for the comment 🙂
      Come back and visit the site. There are always great posts with information you will always need. We are glad you liked this!

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