Grocery Store End Cap Sales: Bargains or Scams?

end cap sale tipsHere’s the scenario: you are hurrying through the grocery store, finding some things to grab for your dinner that night, the kids’ lunches tomorrow and if you can be creative enough, something for dinner tomorrow so you aren’t running back to the store. Again. So when you are running up and down those rows, running over slowpokes who have nothing better to do than get in your way, you stop at the end cap to see what’s on sale. But is that end cap display a bargain or a scam?

The end cap of the grocery aisle has turned in to a marketing genius’ evil plan. Sure, there might be a sign up with a price, but is it a lower price than normal? Chances are, no.

Placing products on the end cap of a row has turned in to major marketing for brands. They now pay stores to get placed on the end of a row so their product can be featured in plain sight – with or without a sale or gimmick attached to it. The manufacturers are hoping that you think the end cap position means a sale price and you grab it up without thinking twice. But you are a smart and savvy shopper who knows a few pointers.

Savvy Pointers:

– Check the price to see if it is lowered or just regular. If it is a regular price and you don’t have a coupon for it, take a pass if you don’t need it this week.

– Keep the price in mind, but travel to the row of similar products and compare prices. Often times, the store brand is just as good and will have a significantly lower price tag attached to it.

– Is it a buy one for something deal that you won’t use? For instance, if you buy three, do you get $3 off your next dog food purchase, even though you don’t have a dog? End cap tricks like that will catch people all the time.

– Do you really need it? Sure, it might be on the end cap and in a pretty display just begging to be put in to your cart, but is it necessary for your family? Is it an item you would normally eat or use? If not, unless it’s a great deal and you’ve been wanting to try it, take a pass. You save more money by not buying something you didn’t need in the first place.

There are some deals placed on the end cap of the grocery aisles, but use your smarts to find the real ones. It’s you against the marketers once you hit that grocery store and the prize is the hard earned cash in your wallet. Try and keep what you can of it by being smart!

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