Knock, Knock? Hello, melon are you ripe?

One question that everyone struggles with – at least one in the produce aisle – is how to tell when certain fruits are ripe. How many times have you gone home with a kiwi that was rock hard and unusable for a week or more? Have you cut in to a cantaloupe or other type of melon, only to find it mushy and overripe? Struggle no more, because here is a guide to telling when a melon, avocado and kiwi are ripe to take home and eat.


The small fruit is picked early, way before it is ripe because it is shipped from tropical locations to destinations across the world. So, when the fruit gets to your store, it is still probably unripe. When you pick up a kiwi, check the skin. Press in slightly with your finger. Does it give slightly? Is it completely hard? You want to pick the kiwi that the skin gives slightly to your touch. If it gives a lot or has wrinkly skin, it is over ripe.


Telling if an avocado is probably the hardest creature to get right. The demand for them is smaller, therefore stores bring in less and the selection will be even smaller. So, when you want to take an avocado home right away and make a salad or have some guacamole dip, look under the stem. There should be a green spot on the skin. Not brown, because brown signals an overripe fruit. Also, the skin should give slightly to your touch, but not leave a fingerprint in the skin. If you have a green spot and a slight give, grab your avocado and run!


There are so many different kinds of melon to pick, but they all have traits to look for when they are ripe. The best indicator is to pick up the melon and smell it where the stem would have been. You thought I was going to say knock, didn’t you? You could knock, but there is no real answer as to what you are listening for – especially since it won’t knock and tell you it’s ripe. The smell, however, should be fruity, but not overly so. The skin will also be slightly thin, but not where your fingers or hand leave a mark on it. The skin should not have cracks or impressions on it or that means it is overly ripe.

Even though you might look silly in the produce aisle, these simple tricks might save you a bit of money on fresh fruit in the years to come. And seriously, does knocking on a melon look any smarter?

8 Responses to Knock, Knock? Hello, melon are you ripe?

  1. sid says:

    Great information, Kendra! I’ll keep all that in mind when shopping for fruits, veggies, and stuff!Love You, Mom

  2. Ron says:

    I loved your article, Good information, always in the store looking all over the fruit section, checking, picking up, putting down, fruits & veggies not knowing which ones to choose! THANKS!!!

  3. Clara says:

    Great information for not so smart shoppers!!! Thanx!!!

  4. Shari says:

    Very nice article, Kendra!!! Great information for me!

  5. Daniee says:

    I have had much of the same things happen to me when picking out fruits & vegetables! Great article with good information! Happy Shopping!

  6. Jenny says:

    I liked your article! Great information! Will use when shopping!

  7. Suze says:

    Great information especially when you are not a everyday grocery shopper ( for fruits and vegetables!)

  8. Lauren says:

    Excellent. I will show this to LES. She came home today with a totally spoiled Mango…and I was very excited to eat it 🙁 Great tips!

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