How To Clean Grease

How To Clean Grease

Stubborn grease; we don’t like to look at it and cleaning it is no walk in the park either. Grease clean up is usually accompanied with strong odored removers and it can take a great deal of elbow grease. Here are some home remedies that may help:

  1. Dawn Dish Detergent- The commercials tell the truth about this product. Dawn really cut grease out of the way. Mix a bowl of warm soapy water and dawn dish detergent. Add some elbow grease, rubbing quickly in circles.
  2. Baking Soda-Besides removing hairspray build-up and keeping your refrigerator fresh, baking soda truly is a multi purpose miracle. This works with warm water, a sponge, and a sprinkle of baking soda. This mixture is also non-abrasive and works well on dry, splattered grease.
  3. Vinegar-can you believe it? Another multi-purpose household item. Great on salads, great on grease. Oil and vinegar do not mix? Who says? Go to your local dollar store and buy a spray bottle. Fill it with WHITE vinegar and spray on tough grease stains. Allow this to sit for about five minutes and rub away.

Remember, when cleaning grease always be careful when using de-greasers, Follow directions exactly. Go get your “grease lightning!”

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