Do Those Coupon Classes Really Save You Money?

One of the hottest trends sweeping the nation right now is the coupon class. Women are signing up in droves – often paying $20 just to take the class – to learn how to clip coupons and save a ton of money at the grocery store. But do you really save money by loading up your cart?

In some cases, yes, you save a lot of money. By paying attention to the ads and seeing which store is running a sale, and combining that with a coupon, you can save some money. Certainly you have heard the story of the women who go in and load up two carts (or more), have $600, $700 or even $800 dollars worth of groceries, but end up only paying $100 or less to walk out of the store. How is this possible?

It is true that you can get items for free from a grocery store. You have to know which store doubles its coupons, when the product with the coupon is on sale and who has the lowest starting price for the product. Does that sound like work? It can be. But that is where the coupon class comes in. The people behind whichever organization is in your area go behind the scenes and get the scoop on sale prices and which coupons to combine that week for you to get the best prices.

To keep getting that data, you have to pay a monthly fee, such as $10 – $20. Is the data worth that much to you? It could be, if you have a large family to feed with little time. Otherwise, reading through the store ads yourself could find out which items are on sale.

Also, the foods that typically have the best coupons are foods that are highly processed. Frozen meals, snack bars, cereals and treats are often the products that go on sale. Rarely do you see fresh fruit, fresh vegetables or dairy products have a coupon. If your family likes to eat processed foods, then that is fine. However, if you are trying to get your family to eat healthy, processed food is not going to be your answer.

So, you need to weigh your options. Do you want to pay a monthly fee to be told where the sale prices are or can you look through the Sunday ads and figure it out yourself?

Do you want to eat highly processed foods, frozen meals and snacks or do you want to have fresh fruits and vegetables for the family?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer, just one that works for you and your family.

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