Trader Joe’s Knows!

The one grocery store that you can always count on to give you everything you need for a healthy lifestyle is Trader Joe’s.  Take a chance to grab these items at your local Trader Joe’s grocery store and start living! Here is a list for all of the fat free foods that they carry.  You will be very surprised to see that maintaining a low-fat diet will never be hard when you shop at this grocery store.  Even the desserts are snacks are fat free!  This list is onlt a few out of hundred of products that are fat free.  Go find what your new favorites will be.

Electrolyte Enhanced Water
Grapefruit Sunset
Fresh Pressed Apple Juice
Green Plant
Gala Apple Juice
Organic Corn Flakes
High Fiber Cereal
Organic Pops
Very Mini Meringue Cookies
Gummy Bears
Organic Fruit Drops

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