You Might Need Gluten-Free Foods

Ever wonder why your stomach is constantly upset?  You have changed your diet and substituted the chips and dip for fruits and vegetables but still no changes.  Maybe you need to try gluten-free foods.  More and more grocery stores, and even restaurants, are carrying a variety of different gluten-free products.  Eating a lot of “glutenized” foods can happen without you even knowing.  Unprocessed foods are your best bet when wanting to dodge gluten.  Several foods in every food group are already gluten free, plus, they are better to prepare them yourself rather than eating them from a can or bag.  It has been said that no two people have the same exact symptoms of a possible allergy to gluten but here are some ways that you might be able to examine yourself:  weight loss or gain, easy bruising, appetite increase, abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea,  vomiting, and discoloration of tongue and/or gums.  There are hundreds of symptoms and illnesses related to possibly being allergic to gluten.  Feel better today and take that first step to a gluten-free, healthy lifestyle.

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